Diffusion: Thermal motion and directed fields

In this simulation a total of 1000 molecules are set free in the center of a container and their motion is observed in time.

START, initiates the process.

PAUSE, freezes action.

RESUME, resumes the simulation.

MARK, labels one of the molecules.

The container can be removed (Remove Container), allowing the free escape of the molecules to open space. The number of molecules left in the area where the container was is shown in N.

A hole can be opened in the container to allow the escape through a restricted area (OPEN channel) which then can be subsequently closed (CLOSE channel).

A force field (say a gravitational field: these are uncharged particles) can be applied at any time (Impose a Field) and subsequently removed.

Temperature may be modified by typing a value in the temperature field (ending with ENTER key) or by moving the slider.