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and The Molecular Basis of Excitability

The Nerve Impulse This is a brief Textbook that covers the basics of the initiation and propagation of the nerve impulse using equivalent circuits with reference to ionic conductances. Voltage dependent conductances are explained on the basis of single channel properties. The text contains links to the simulation programs

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Nerve Impulse Laboratory Manual Experiments using the NERVE program

Simulation Programs

NERVE New version that runs without java (3/2014)
NERVE (Includes Cable simulation of propagated AP)
Cable Properties of the Axon 
Voltage dependent K Channel
Sodium Channel Simulation
Equivalent Circuit of The Axon

Model of Shaker K channel gating


Please note: a Java plugin is required for several of the simulations in this web site.

Oct, 2012: A solution to problems with new Java v7: Control panel > programs > java > settings –uncheck "Keep Temporary files on my computer".

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